Apple Watch Gets Its First Game

The upcoming Apple Watch now has its first game - a brain-teasing, animal-tapping game to help you pass the time when you're bored of the device's social media apps.

The Apple Watch, Apple's first piece of new technology since the iPad released five years ago, now has its first game: Rules! - a mini-game for waking up and working out your brain.

The game has been available for the iPad and iPhone since August of last year, but the latest update makes it playable on the Apple Watch, meaning it's the first game app available for the highly-anticipated new device, which has been dominated up until now by social media apps.

Apple released a development kit last year so that third-party app developers could start cranking out apps in anticipation of the upcoming April 24th launch, so you can likely expect to see more games like this one for the Apple Watch. But the device may hold little appeal for those who are not already dedicated iPhone users - the Apple Watch requires at least an iPhone 5.

What do you think of this new piece of wearable tech? Will it ever be meaningful to gamers, or is it too niche to be as successful as past Apple products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Jessa wears a lot of hats - anthropology graduate, mother, obsessive book nerd, writer of both fiction and non-fiction - but her favorite hat is that of the gamer - a hat she's worn since owning an Atari was a "big deal."

Published Apr. 5th 2015

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