New exotics shown for Destiny in December update

Find out a little more on the upcoming exotic gear making its way to Destiny in December

Bungie revealed a bunch of images for December Destiny update on the game's  Instagram page. It showcases a lot of the new weapons and armour coming to the popular shooter.

Some of the items featured are upgrades to previous Year One gear, but there are two completely new types. The ATS/8 Tarantella actually appeared briefly in the expansion pack Destiny: The Taken King but it now has a full release along with the Twilight Garrison; both of these are chest pieces.

Although the in-game descriptions are featured on Bungie's Instagram page it doesn't show either item's upgrade trees. Community Manager David Dague stated on that some of the Year One exotics "might even have some new surprises tucked away in their talent trees." It'll be interesting to see what is implemented there.

Are you looking forward to the December update? What do you think Bungie could be surprising us with? Let me know in the comments below!

Published Nov. 21st 2015

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