Command and Conquer: Actually Free to Play, Not Pay to Win

Devs try to avoid the pay to win stigma

The developers of the new Command and Conquer have stated that the game will be truly f2p and not p2w. 

They state that the game is a tactical strategy based game, and if you offer some sort of super weapons that you can use actual currency to buy, then that takes the strategy completely out of it.  The items that they are going to be putting into the cash shop are largely for customization of the player units, and they can buy some of the different generals.  Each of the generals that are available in the game has a different skillset to suit the different types of battlefields, and different types of enemies.  No general really has an unfair advantage over any other general. 

They have also put forth an interest to keep adding different modes to the game to keep it interesting and to keep players coming back.  The developers want to offer different modes of play to suit the many different types of players that they want to attract.  Let’s face it, nobody is really going to want to play online if every time they log in they get owned by an 11 year-old who is trash-talking them the whole time.  The developers want to make the latest entry in this long and storied franchise accessible to players of all kinds.  Here is the link to the full video on Gamespot.


Published Jun. 14th 2013

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