Gamestop Summer Sale Going on Now! Get 50% Extra Credit for Each Game You Trade In

Incredible 50% extra in-store credit for game trade-ins at Gamestop until 07/27. Great deals on games and electronics during the Gamestop Summer Sale ending 07/27.

The summertime gaming drought is fully upon us, and without any truly groundbreaking releases anticipated until October now is the perfect time to take advantage of the Gamestop Summer Sale. Right now, Gamestop is offering 50% more credit for all trade-ins until July 27th. That means there's only 1 week left to take advantage of 50% more trade-in credit as well as these killer game deals:

  • Buy any pre-owned console and get a 1-year product replacement plan and a pre-owned game under $10 for FREE
  • $25 off pre-owned tablets
  • 2 Warner Bros. games for $29.99
  • Tons of deals on select games

The summer sale is valid in local stores as well as online at only until July 27th so if you have any old games that you want to trade in for the extra credit you have less than 1 week to do so. New deals are announced every day on their site as well - such as the PS4 Watch_Dogs combo that ends today.

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Published Jul. 21st 2014

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