Facebook May Pay Users to Find Oculus Rift Bugs

Facebook might pay you a "bounty" for hunting down bugs in Oculus Rift

Imagine virtually travelling around in your favorite game. Now imagine finding a few gameplay problems, reporting them, and getting paid to do it. Sound good to you? Well, Facebook might want you to do just that.

Oculus Rift, developed by Oculus VR, is a virtual reality device worn on the head, allowing gamers to only see what's in the game world. According to Telemeen Communication Updates, Facebook bought Oculus Rift for over $2 billion dollars, earlier this year, so it's no surprise that they want the device to work well. The way Facebook plans on doing this is to pay a minumum of $500, for gamers who find and report problems.

Of course, the bugs are not limited to gameplay. Security engineer, Neal Poole, stated that "'most of the bugs are in the messaging system for Oculus  developers and parts of the website."'

Other than on the website, many people may not be able to locate any bugs for a little while. Developers, in other words people who paid $300 or more to back the project on Kickstarter, already have their Oculus Rift. The rest of us will most likely have to wait until sometime next year before we're able to get one.



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Published Aug. 23rd 2014

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