Fan-Made Pokemon Insurgence Nears Completion

A group of fans are attempting to create the ultimate Pokemon title.

While many gamers are eagerly anticipating Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire, there's another Pokémon game in the works that's less hyped. 

Pokémon Insurgence looks set to be one of the most interesting Pokémon games to ever have been made but it's not coming from Nintendo. Instead, the game is being developed by a group of dedicated fans led by Reddit user thesuzerain.

This isn't the first Pokémon fan title that thesuzerain has developed. He originally gained fame in the Nintendo community for creating Pokémon Omega and Pokémon Omicrom. Developed in RPG Maker XP, Insurgence is the follow-up to his original project.

The game is set in the new Torren region and has a dark story about warring groups of cultists. The main draw of the game is the sheer amount of features it has.  Each generation of Pokémon games introduces features which are only used for that particular region. The goal of Insurgence is to combine all of those features together into one game. That means that you'll have mega evolutions, customizations, and Pokémon following you round, all in the same game for the first time.

Insurgence is also adding in some new features of its own. The game allows you to customise your campaign with various challenges. For example, you can choose to play a Nuzlocke challenge run in which the game will automatically release any Pokémon that faints.

So far there is no set release date for Pokémon Insurgence  but thesuzerain is planning to release a demo by the end of the month. For more information about Insurgence, check out the game's wiki. You can also take a look at some screenshots from the game here. Do you plan on playing Pokémon Insurgence? Leave your answer in the comments section below.


Based in the UK Adam spends most of his time honing his Monster Hunter skills and conquering the world in Total War. In the not so virtual world you'll probably find him travelling or enjoying live music. Follow him on twitter @AdamKoziol3

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Published Sep. 29th 2017
  • murrythehanju
    I'm writing this in April 2015. Is the game out yet?
  • LELI_1812
    IT'S FUN
  • Sanji_4055
    I couldn't help but laugh when I read "Omega and Omicrom". xD
  • Zeidra_3715
    Actually, Suze's previous games are Pokémon "Zeta and Omicron", not "Omega and Omicrom".
  • Sara Ventura
    Wow, this sounds really awesome. I can't wait.
  • TLOOK119
    I can't wait for this game :) it'll be the first Pokemon PC I play, or at least the second.
  • res_2818
    i would play the shit out of this
  • Adam Koziol
    There's less than a month to go until the first demo is released!

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