5 Trippiest Indie Games on Steam

Ultraworld Exodus

Ultraworld Exodus is actually the continuation of Ultraworld and seems to include the entire original game along with this newer second part which finished the story.

The premise of the game, as seen above, centers around a sentient video game NPC asking for help. However, it's only once you reach it that you realize that what it needs help with is larger than saving the princess. He has an existential crisis on his hands. Don't worry this isn't getting into spoiler territory; you figure all this out in the first 5 minutes.

Throughout the game, you explore the world by delving into philosophical problems, like the nature of truth, why we exist, or whether or not we can even tell simulation and reality apart. The game can be a slow bloomer, but its free price tag should help reduce that.

Ultraworld Exodus is available on Steam for PC for FREE!

Published May. 3rd 2017

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