Gloria Victis Trailer of New Animations and What Is Being Worked On

A work-in-progress update will add new additions to the game like animations, a new character creation system, and more!

Fans of Gloria Victis have some exciting news to look forward to, as the developers are currently working on a new update to rework the combat and animation mechanics of the title. These mechanics have been made by Jakub Kisiel, who is best known for his work in regards to Gears of War and Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

Over 200 animations for each weapon are currently being worked on. The trailer above shows just a small portion of a much bigger update.

In order to implement the new animations, the player character model has to be replaced and optimized. Because of these adjustments, playable female characters will soon be possible, as well as more detailed character models in general.

A new character creation system will be available. And players will now have to write their own backstory pertaining to their avatar, which will have an impact on their starting archetype. 

The update will also improve servers and the overall performance of the game. 

Since this is a work-in-progress, there is no certain release date for the update.

Gloria Victis is an MMORPG available for PC on Steam. The title greatly emphasizes realism and is set in a medieval world, with low fantasy elements. It has PvP, a player driven economy, an expanded crafting system, extensive storyline, and much more.

Jump over to Gloria Victis' official site to learn more about it.


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Published Oct. 27th 2016

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