Watch Dogs to Wipe Unlocked Skills If Players Go Offline

Players that attempt to play Watch Dogs offline will be punished with the loss of their Notoriety and any Notoriety skills previously unlocked.

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is about a world set in the near future where people are always connected to networks and databases by the technology they own. Currently, most first-world countries are close to reaching that point of complete technological saturation but none are quite there yet. Ubisoft doesn't seem to understand that, however. 

Similar to the mistakes that Microsoft almost made by including components of the Xbox One that require a constant internet connection, Ubisoft is punishing players just because they lack an internet connection. In Watch Dogs, if players decide to play offline or even lose their internet connection temporarily, they face the risk of a multiplayer stat wipe.

A leaked screenshot shows a warning that pops up when players attempt to disable Online Invasions. The prompt threatens to reset the player's Notoriety to 0 and to erase any Notoriety skills that the player has unlocked. 

In Watch Dogs' multiplayer Notoriety is like experience and having more of it makes your character stronger. Increasing your Notoriety also unlocks skills that can be used.

Players That Don't Want Online Invasions In Their Game are Punished

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Online invasions, similar to those in Dark Souls, allow other players to infiltrate and hack your game for an added challenge. Not all players would enjoy this feature though and the ability to turn it off should be available to everyone. By punishing players for not accepting Online invasions, Ubisoft is hurting its consumers.

People that buy Watch Dogs and either lose their internet connection or dislike the idea of other players messing with their single-player experience are apparently out of luck unless Ubisoft decides to change this before release. 

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Published May. 22nd 2014
  • allan_7492
  • allan_7492
    I Dickinson hate you for this ubisoft I wish death upon your children
  • PHoward
    On single player mode I have completed the game missions and side missions and I noticed that I had lost all of my skills that I had gained and vehicles that I had bought etc. I don't play online with this game. Does anyone know why this has happened and has anybody else experienced this "bug"?
  • Ashaundei Smith
    The thing about this article is that it's not entirely true. Sure there is a feature that disables Online Invasions and yeah, it warns you that it will reset your notoriety points but it is possible to play the game offline without reprisal. I have this game for the Xbox 360 and I have been playing it for a few days now offline to prevent unwanted interruptions and guess what, when I'm back online, I lost no points. I get that there may be a little bit of a misunderstanding at the creation of this article, but seriously, a little bit of investigation goes a long way.
  • jsoftcheck
    I'm the first person to rage against forced multiplayer, but I have to admit I'm seeing a lot of unnecessary drama about this policy. From what I can gather, notoriety is really only about multiplayer skills and rankings. So if they didn't implement this policy, a lot of folks would likely cheat the system by hacking others' games, then disabling invasions afterward so they couldn't be hacked back. This system forces everyone to play by the same rules. This isn't forced multiplayer, it's fair multiplayer.
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    You make a very good distinction.
  • EverythingLeafs
    The problem I have with this is the fact that periodically I lose internet connection, not by own fault, if I get punished for this I'll be pissed!
  • eNumbra
    Watchdogs - A game about high-tech vigilantism in a city controlled by a single super computer requiring you to remain online and risk constant harassment by other people in order to retain your standing in the game or disconnect and be a nobody.

    Can't tell if ironic or poorly thought out dig at society
  • Stephen Johnston
    hmm... very meta
  • Si_W
    What exactly does the notoriety skill give you? Will it make any difference in a single player mode? If not, what's the problem?
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Kind of what I've been wondering as well.
  • Kibret.Tsige
    Featured Contributor
    Notoriety is like XP for multiplayer and Notoriety skills are abilities unlocked for multiplayer. The problem, from what I understand, is that people who play multiplayer but then don't want their single-player game to be invaded by other people will have their multiplayer stats wiped if they try to disable the "Online Invasions."

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