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Enter to win your very own PS3 Final Fantasy XIV Beta Code!

I just so happened to get my hands on an extra PS3 Beta code. So I decided to turn around and give one of you the chance to win it. Due to the fact that Gameskinny does not have a personal message system, I will need you to follow @gkellauthor on Twitter so I can do the delivery. On top of that you must add your Twitter name on your post here.

The rules

  1. You may only post one submission, however you may reply to the post as many times as you want. You must label your submission as a submission. Once you do so you can not change your submission as my email will alert me of your original post and I will see what you initially labeled as your submission.
  2. Make sure you leave your Twitter information in your submission post; if you currently don't have a Twitter, it's really easy to make one. Also make sure you follow @gkellauthor so that I can send you the codes if you win.

The contest

The actual contest will consist of you telling me why you want to play the Final Fantasy XIV beta. You may use pictures and stories of past experiences to do so.  I will choose the best reply at 8pm EST Friday night. Meaning you will get all day Saturday to play and the remainder of Phase 3 beta, however many more weekends it lasts.

Important note

To activate it you will need to take a few steps. Just remember you will not need to use the Square Enix beta code if you already are a tester, just redeem the PSN code.

  1. Login to your PSN account.
  2. Go to redeem codes.
  3. Enter the PSN code (I will label the codes so you aren't confused)
  4. Install the launcher(the launcher will walk you through the rest)
  5. Accept the user agreement.
  6. Set up an account with Square Enix (you just have to log into your Square Enix account if you already have one)
  7. Redeem beta code (if you're already a beta tester on your Square Enix account it will skip this step and go straight to link account)
  8. Link account (same concept as how Xbox 360 made you link POL accounts for FFXI)
  9. Update (takes awhile)

Featured Columnist

Currently an unpublished author working on multiple full length novels 3 of which being a 3 part trilogy. Also an avid video game player with a penchant for MMOs.

Published Jun. 28th 2013
  • Kazemusha
    Final Fantasy, more specifically Final Fantasy VIII, was the second video game I every play (the first being Myst, hooray adventure games). As a child, I was completely lost in the world of Final Fantasy! I got sucked in by the compelling stories, incredible settings, and interesting characters. Final Fantasy helped get me through a lot of really tough times in my life. Even now, if I'm having a terrible day, I boot up my copy of FFVIII and puts around a little bit and suddenly nothing else matters!

    Now that I'm older, my game preferences have shifted slightly from the traditional single player RPG, to MMORPG titles! My first MMO was WoW, which wasn't really my style. Lucky for me, a friend from the game who happened to be a fellow FF fan suggested I try out FFXI. So I got myself a copy of the game for PC, and tried it out. I absolutely loved it! Sure the controls were a little funky, but it was satisfyingly challenging, and very group focused (which I liked).

    Fast forward to 2010, Square's next MMO is about to release, FFXIV. I managed to snag a beta code for the game. I excitedly booted it up, and it instantly crashed. That about sums up my initial experience with FFXIV. Even though I was running on a pretty decent gaming right, the game chugged like a steam train. All in all FFXIV was initially a massive personal disappointment. Controls were awkward (even more so than FFXI, at least there was a little reasoning behind that control scheme), there were no mobs for even the most basic quests, and my personal favorite: Menus lagged like crazy! So, dejectedly I went off to try out other games.

    Eventually I decided to try FFXIV again. I heard the original development team had been disbanded, and there was a new person in charge of the project. So I buy myself a copy for $20, install it, and boot the game up. Surprisingly it was a lot of fun! The new team had made some necessary changes that made the game not only playable, but enjoyable!

    Shortly after my return to FFXIV, Square Enix announced it's plan to rework the game from the ground up, and release it in 2013! And that's where we are today! From what I've seen, FFXIV: ARR looks absolutely incredible; it is the game FFXIV should have been when it released!

    As a long time Final Fantasy fan, and passionate MMO player, I submit to you my entry for a FFXIV beta code! I really want to get into the beta and do everything within my power to help the dev team put out a great product! That's what betas are for right?

    <-- My twitter handle!
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Contest is over, Kazemusha being the only one to enter wins by default
  • SexyGamer
    Featured Contributor
    That was really cool of you :)
  • SexyGamer
    Featured Contributor
    It is honestly really fun so far, but the job system I am not really sure about. Thats what I loved about FFXI so much, so we shall see.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Still need people to enter!
  • John Babilonia
    this should be good
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    That was the intent!

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