Quick Look at HTML5 Pokemon Garden

Pokemon Garden has all of what fans love, including adorable pixel art, fun lines of characters, beautiful Pokemon designs, etc.

Pokemon X & Y is drawing much hype than ever around its release this October on Nintendo 3DS, which promises a high quality 3D graphics blended with classic cute 2D anime drawing style. But Pokemon cannot be exclusive for 3DS players... at least that is the idea of the brand new indie game, Pokemon Garden, built with HTML5.

Pokemon Garden has all what fans love about, including adorable pixel arts, fun lines of characters, beautiful Pokemon designs, etc. In fact, it really reminds us of the time when we were hooked on the old Gameboy device playing Pokemon for hours.

But this time we can play it everywhere--on browsers of PC, tablets, and smartphones thanks to the powerful HTML5 technology.

In Pokemon Garden, you start as a young boy with a sense of adventure. Your mom quickly hurries you out of the house to go catching Pokemon. Sound familiar?

But it is a hard life out there without a Pokemon!

Then you are given a free choice to pick your first Pokemon at the laboratory. Charmander is quite good-looking, as always.

After receiving your first Pokemon, now you can go everywhere on the map to explore and battle!



But fighting alone is quite boring, so going to the city is good choice, right? There you can meet other players to chat, challenge, and... go fishing with, like the image below?



There are many types of Pokemon you can catch in the game. But each Pokemon has different rarity, so it will take time, effort, and Pokeballs to get the one you want! 


For example, catching a Pikachu is a  pain, because we went around for hours before finally meeting it. But the result is always worthy, 'cause it is Pikachu, right?



There are two types of currency used in Pokemon Garden, including Gold and Diamond which can be used for purchasing several cute skins at the Cash Shop. Each skin has different price for weekly, monthly and limitless days of use.


The chat box, at the moment, has a world channel for all players to share their playing experience. The friend list is also available by linking your Facebook account. There is an option for Clan, too, but it is deactivated in the Closed Beta. The Clan feature is a good way to have players collaborate with each other for more rewards or in-game advantages. 


Overall, our experience in Pokemon Garden is quite good to start. Certainly there are still a lot of bugs, which caused the game to crash or become unresponsive occasionally, but that cannot be avoided for a Closed Beta. The development team encourages players to report bugs on the forum.

Pokemon Garden's homepage: http://pokemongarden.net

If you are a fan of Pokemon, you may go to their Facebook page to keep updated with latest info about gameplay or future events.

Pokemon is so popular right now and there is no reason to limit it to one device. Therefore, Pokemon Garden should be top of your list to revive your love of Pokemon.

Our Rating
Pokemon Garden has all of what fans love, including adorable pixel art, fun lines of characters, beautiful Pokemon designs, etc.
Published Oct. 2nd 2013
  • EpicCyndaquil
    Unfortunately, this will be yet another game that gets shut down due to copyright. PokeMMO is the only one that actually stands a chance, and here's why: It doesn't use any copyrighted materials. All the pixel art requires usage of your own ROM image. "Poke" isn't trademarked, and their website doesn't even mention Pokemon. They either had plenty of conversations with a legal team before the project started, or they're looking to make a fool out of Nintendo when they try to sue, and creating a great game in the meantime.
  • Wilhelm Arcturus
    Is this officially sanctioned by Nintendo and Game Freak?
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I would say most likely not. I wish Nintendo would make their own MMO(ish) Pokemon game.
  • Wilhelm Arcturus
    Then I would expect to see Nintendo's lawyers showing up soon, as this amounts to a third party essentially stealing their IP and trademarks.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Ya there's a handful of other similar games out there that try to make Pokemon an MMO. Most of them are emulators of actual Pokemon games for gameboy and then coded to support multiplayer. I have yet to see legal action taken on them either so I really don't know what Nintendo thinks of these third party games.
  • trannguyenhung011086
    Anyone played this game yet?

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