Destiny's Rarest Weapon Belongs to Only One Player on Earth

The rarest weapon in Destiny belongs to only one player on the face of the planet.

After a few months of playing, critiquing, and watching the entire game under a microscope, it appears the rarest gun in Destiny is more than just a myth, but a reality to only one player on the face of this planet.

The Fate of All Fools, an exotic primary weapon that deals solar damage, will not be available to anyone else, at least until future DLC packs are released.

Believe it or not, this weapon wasn’t obtained by defeating the raid on hard mode, an exotic bounty, a 1 in a billion drop or any other means of playing through the game. Simply put, it was a gift directly from Community Manager David “Deej” Dague.

The gift was to one player directly who told his doctor that he has been using Destiny as a form of physical therapy following multiple brain surgeries.

The weapon wasn’t entirely designed from scratch just for the single player though. Instead, it’s a gun that appears to be set to debut in future content once the game moves into its first set of expansions, though the lucky Guardian will be the only one with it for a good long while.

If you are quite intrigued to know more about the weapon, it is pictured blow.

The gesture warmed the hearts of many fans. The company has a reputation of being very close to its fan base. In a time like this it is an uplifting story to know that as busy Bungie can be, they aren’t too busy to help out their community and any way they seem fit.

With a story this heartwarming, I'm sure the rest of us can make do withough this exotic weapon for the time being. Use it in good health Guardian!

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Published Nov. 6th 2014
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    But did that weapon "come from the moon?" Sorry... I will let myself out.

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