The End of an Era: Hearthstone Beta Drawing to a Close!

After Four Test Seasons and a Beta Phase that is getting near the length of the infamous DOTA 2 Beta Phase, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel!

In the land of Nat Pagles and Tinkmaster Oversparks, Hearthstone recently started its 4th "Test Ranked Season." While these two hotly debated cards continue to now dominant the metagame, the card that made the most news yesterday was Gelbin Mekkatorque. A "Legendary" grade card, the golden animated version of the card was only available through a real money purchase of $2.00 in-game.

Shiny and sparky!

Why is this card being discontinued such a big deal? This card in its Golden version is a reward for people who played and used real money on Hearthstone during the closed beta test. So if the card isn't available anymore...

Additionally, Blizzard has also unveiled the first 5 "custom" card backs that are earned through various means, such as achieving the "Legendary" rank on the ranked ladder.

One of the new cardbacks, achieved by earning the Legendary ranking in Ranked

Blizzard also stated that there will be a large patch before the end of the Beta phase, so maybe we'll see an end to the infamous card stacking and card swapping bugs that have plagued the game for months, in addition to other balance changes.

I can't wait for that smirk to get wiped off your face, Pagle (maybe).

However, until the end of the month, enjoy the climb in the last "Test Ranked" season against all the "Zoo" decks and "Druid Token" decks that you are sure to meet in this highly aggressive meta at the moment!

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Published Mar. 5th 2014

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