7 most geektastic ways to celebrate your inner geek

Try Your Hand At Cosplay

There's more to the way of the geek than just playing games or having video game knick knacks around the house. In fact, there's a whole huge culture based around crafting costumes and showing off your skills to make the rest of the room jealous.

We've covered some of the most jaw-dropping cosplays before from games like Smite or League Of Legends, but you don't need to be a level 95 seamstress or have a beach-ready bod to get into the practice.

Most people start with a trip down to the local Goodwill and a plan in mind for an easy way to try out a new character costume and work their way up from there.

Maybe one day with some dedication, you and your lucky offspring can come up with something as amazing as the Bioshock cosplay above!

Published May. 25th 2016

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