Defiance DLC - Delayed Again

Another Delay To The Castithan Charge Pack DLC

Yes, the title is correct. I am sad to report another delay to the Castithan DLC for Defiance. Now thanks to another Dev Blog on the official Defiance site we know that the DLC will be delayed until August.

This blog that breaks all of our hearts is written by the new Executive Producer for Defiance, Chris Lena. Since he is new I guess we can't hate him right off the bat, but delaying the DLC is not a very good first introduction. This sneaky blog tells us August but does not give any mention of day, he doesn't even say beginning or end of August.

I have to say that I really like Defiance, both the game and show, but this game is a MMO and there are less people in it every day. It has gotten to the point that I have absolutely nothing to do until more people start playing, or the DLC gets released. Some days there are so few people it looks like a ghost town.

The DLC is titled The Castithan Charge Pack, and some of us have waited for it for way too long. I, like many other players, purchased the DLC in March. That was a month before the game came out. Which means that players like myself have waited for 5 months for a DLC that we have already paid for. As of a few days ago Trion has also dropped Defiance's price all the way down to $9.99, a bad sign for players.

So let me know if you are patiently waiting for the DLC release, or are beating your computer to death with your copy of Defiance. I will keep you updated with any news I hear about the official release date for our anticipated DLC pack. If you want to get ready for the eventual release go pick up Defiance today, $9.99 isn't a bad price.

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Published Jul. 29th 2013
  • Commander Trip
    There is no way they are gonna release 5 full dlcs by april, they are probly gonna screw us by releasing a few outfits and calling them dlc.
  • yo momma_9271
    Some of the worst Devs ever. They could never release a decent patch and freightyard hahahahaha.
  • Si_W
    I'm not concerned. My view is this, if you've nothing to do then go and play something else for a while. No point in logging into Defiance every day just for the sake of it.

    Even though I'm currrently playing this much more than I did when I bought it in March, I still have loads of side missions and the main mission to do. I guess part of this may be due to the fact I only put in a few hours per week but also because I love driving around and stopping and helping someone out, as that's very much part of the gameplay.

    I still haven't really explored the co-op missions or played more than one Shadow War mission either.
  • Derp_9028
    "Which means that players like myself have waited for 6 months for a DLC that we have already paid for."

    Oh yeah? Because the game came out not even 4 months ago.
  • Smoky Grey
    Featured Correspondent
    The game came out on April 2nd which is a few days shy of 4 months ago, and you have been able to pre-order the DLC since march.
  • Smoky Grey
    Featured Correspondent
    and i did mean to put a 5 not a 6

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