Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead - Don't Judge a Game By Its Bugs

Arma II : Don't Judge a game by its Bugs

I thought I would right a small review about a game that I brought and then decided I had wasted my money (all $25 USD for Arma II: Combined Operations).

I bought Arma 2 and The Expansion Operation Arrowhead for the purposes of playing DayZ which was a complete bust.  I Raged so hard about spending around 20 mins collecting very little and then getting killed by the dumbest things.

I then thought I would play the game itself and I hated all the bugs, like getting trapped in places I shouldn't, being able to turn my head like an owl, and look at the decapitated neck where my head should be attached.


This is where the game suddenly changed for me. After a little coercion from my friends I got talked into trying a Wastelands server map with a modified mission, and after a 3 to 4 hours of drunken attempts of playing and fighting with the menu's, I finally started getting the hang of it.

Suddenly the game becomes a lot more fun and useful. And also with my coding background I am now even having fun working on putting together a custom build of the wastelands mission for my friend to host for our little gaming community, Dragonsbreath Gaming.

So In Closing

I have to thank my friends for making me try playing a good, but buggy game in a different way to give me hours of enjoyment.

And I urge you that if you have a game you have bought that didn't seem to work for you out of the gate, check out if there are mods or other game modes that make the game something you like.

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Arma II : Don't Judge a game by its Bugs


Published Jun. 4th 2013

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