Dying Light Newest DLC, The Following

The Following, a new DLC for Dying Light that will bring more to the table for everyone to take a bite out of that will keep us full...for now.

 How long do you think a quarantine wall can keep an almost infinite amount of monsters that are hungry for your flesh at bay? Not forever...

Techland is soon to release a new DLC  that will bring more spine-chilling fun to the powerhouse game that, by August of 2015, sold 5 million copies.  With the newest addition to Dying Light’s universe—The Following—a player is able to go beyond the reaches of the concreted zone the Ministry hastily built to contain the outbreak.

On February 9th, The Following will be released, and gamers around the world will be able to explore a whole new world that is as large as the original game as their hero, Kyle Crane. Now the infected has broken through the barricades, and newer equipment is necessary to survive. For instance, with the larger terrain soon to be at our fingertips, one needs a pair of wheels to drive, explore, and scavenge the badlands. Good thing there is a crossbow that comes included to kill more zombies like Daryl from The Walking Dead

Along the newly added ability to drive a vehicle in a bigger valley, it all comes with an interesting plot that is quite spooky and jaw-dropping. The newest trailer that was released the other day on January 7th, starts off interestingly by a masculine, attention-getting voice preaching a motivational and religious speech, while flashy clips of a cult worshiping a female “Sun God” that will annihilate the diseased horde through a chosen one—none other than our man of the hour—that leaves us hungry for more.

There is a lot to come in just a few weeks, like the seemingly endless waves of biting ones that have redefined being afraid of the dark. Never trust the dark, because it only masks those that lurks within. Be wary, and be still. Good night, and good luck, my friends.


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Published Jan. 9th 2016
  • Si_W
    Wasn't really interested in this game before, but this DLC has really piqued my interest. Especially after watching the gameplay video...
  • Mackenzie Lambert_5420
    I played the heck out of this game last year. I need to pick it back up.
  • Benjamin Browning
    right?! I need money now lol
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