Designer of Mega Man Ditches Female Character in Mighty No. 9

Why can't Mighty No. 9 have more than one female boss?

So guess what all? There’s this game called Mighty No. 9. You know, the one that is being created by Mega Man designer Koji Imaeda being funded on Kickstarter? You may have heard about it. Recently, it has been breaking all of its stretch goal barriers and is well on its way to becoming a gem of a game.

However, I was struck by something in this week’s letter to the backers, or “beckers” as we are affectionately called. This week, the team revealed some details about one of the main bosses in Mighty No. 9, Mighty No. 8. If one looks carefully at the email though, there is something that I think needs to not be overlooked. Mighty No. 9 will feature a female boss. One female boss... When there could have been two.

 Look how cool Mighty No. 3 looks.. and she is going to be the only female boss. Why?!

The email reads:

"We tried to come up with as many variations on both of these themes that we could -- which is how we came to the "radar and optical camouflage" theme for No. 8. We'd also initially planned for two of the boss robots to be female, and for one of them to have unusual or unexpected traits. It seemed like a perfect fit for No. 8, so I requested “it” be a “she.”"

Unfortunately, the design of the character led to it being a male and the plan for a second female boss was scrapped.

However, I kinda wish they would have more than one female boss. The Mega Man franchise has had some strong female characters, why not Mighty No. 9?

What about you? Do you think Mighty No. 9 should include more female boss characters?

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Published Sep. 25th 2013
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    Well that sucks.
  • 715
    because "feminist" would have found a way to bitch about it
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    The character concepts look cool.

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