22 Nerdtastic Video Game Pumpkin Carvings You Can DIY This Halloween

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It's that magical time of year again. The leaves are changing. The air's getting colder. Pumpkins are everywhere. And that's a good thing if you're a Halloween enthusiast -- because that means more pumpkins for you to carve as you prepare for the creepiest night of the year.

We're only a few weeks away from the most gamer-friendly holiday of the year, and there's no better way to get in the Halloween spirit than turning your favorite video games into awesome jack-o'-lanterns. Pay homage to your favorite fandoms and ward off the restless spirits wandering the earth...it's a win-win!

That's why we've compiled a list of cool designs from some of your favorite game franchises. Each of these pumpkins should be reasonably easy for you to replicate yourself, so we've included stencils for each design to get you started. All you need is a pumpkin, the right tools, and a little bit of patience to bring these carvings to life.

Published Oct. 5th 2016

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