22 Nerdtastic Video Game Pumpkin Carvings You Can DIY This Halloween

Cuphead Portraits

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Even before it launched in late September, Cuphead sparked a lot of conversation among gamers everywhere. From its unique and cartoonish aesthetic to one journalist's embarrassingly bad demo run of the game, Cuphead has been one of the most prominent game releases in 2017. 

With this pumpkin stencil, you can bring the familiar faces of this run-and-gun action game to life. Whether you choose to carve the eponymous Cuphead or his brother Mugman, trick-or-treaters will know that you're a grizzled veteran who has (mostly) survived the game's punishing boss battles and apparently impossible tutorial level.

If you're lucky, this jack-o-lantern will make sure the devil doesn't win your soul in a casino streak gone bad. 

Published Oct. 5th 2016

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