22 Nerdtastic Video Game Pumpkin Carvings You Can DIY This Halloween

Silhouette, Solaire, and More (Dark Souls)

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In case playing the actual games wasn't a masochistic enough experience for you, there are lots of Dark Souls stencils that you can frustratingly try to replicate on a pumpkin this Halloween. It's the perfect way to remind yourself of what you love most about Dark Souls ahead of the Ashes of Ariandel launch. The carving above is adapted from the actual box art, but we've linked a stencil that is very similar and much easier to execute. 

If you want to recreate specific Dark Souls characters, though, there are lots of patterns for that too. This Capra Demon stencil is only recommended for goat-headed carvers with access to demonic machetes. If that's not quite your speed, perhaps a Black Knight pattern will be able to stand up to the burning (candle) fire within. 

But our favorite Dark Souls pumpkin depicts the Jolliest of Cooperators, Solaire. Using this stencil, you can quite literally help Solaire become the most grossly incandescent carving around. 

Published Oct. 5th 2016

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