VGRHQ To Recognize Video Game Critics: Well, Finally!

A new website, supposedly set to launch soon, seeks to honor the hard-working video game critic.

As a video game critic for over 15 years, I have only one thing to say to this:

It's about damn time.

According to the grapevine (based on Facebook and IM chats with people I used to work with), many of the top game publications received an email yesterday that introduced a brand new website, designed specifically to give the critic some well-earned recognition.

It's called Video Game Review HQ (VGRHQ) and right now, they've only got a Twitter and Facebook page up. They plan to launch within the next few weeks, and the reason for the early message was to give publications the chance to become one of VGRHQ's "Honored Sources." It's not clear whether they'll be specifically honoring entire websites or individual critics; one of my colleagues says it sounds like they'll do both.

Here's the lone Twitter message:

 As for staff, we don't know. They're staying in the shadows so as to place the spotlight squarely on game critics. They do say, however, that the site will be run by current and former game journalists, all of whom are veterans.

Can you name ten video game critics off the top of your head?

Even the most hardcore probably can't. They can cite sources, but the critic himself (or herself) almost always gets lost in the shuffle. It also drives me nuts that every other form of entertainment on the planet has their superstar critics; movies, music, TV, books, etc. Video game critics work just as hard - if not harder - than any of them and yet, despite all the advancements in the industry, despite the fact that gaming is supposed to be full-on mainstream, the reviewer is often overlooked.

Yeah, I know. "Oh, it's easy; you just play games all day!" Here's one thing I hope: Whatever this site intends to do, this is the one terribly erroneous statement VGRHQ needs to clear up. If they plan to interview critics, you'll see a very interesting set of comments. I tell you this: For the most part, the life of a reviewer isn't exactly glamorous. Oh, and let's not forget that review scores in this industry are critical to the success of many products.

Anyway, gotta learn more about this. I'm interested, that's for sure.

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Published Mar. 17th 2014
  • Kate Reynolds
    Senior Intern
    I can only name two - Patricia Hernandez and Kate Cox. That's only after realizing that almost 100% of the articles I go to Kotaku for were written by Patricia.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I think I'm in the minority where I can name about 10 critics, because I'm very embedded in the GameSpot community, I just think their guys are really nice, so I mostly ignore the reviews, and more look at the articles. And then theres PC Gamer, they are just epic people. And of course, thank god for him, Jim Sterling.

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