Dontnod Announces New Narrative-Driven Adventure Tell Me Why

Dontnod's latest game focuses on an intense family story and takes the opportunity to push representation in video games forward.

XO19, the yearly celebration of all things Xbox, kicked off in London yesterday with a bang. One of the more surprising announcements was a new project by Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment called Tell Me Why. It's a narrative-driven adventure game set to release on Xbox One and PC through Xbox Game Pass, Steam, and the Microsoft store sometime in summer 2020.

Tell Me Why is set in Alaska and centers on two twins,Tyler and Alyson. As the story unfolds, players will witness important events from the twins' childhood from each of their perspectives. Deciding which version of events is true affects the twins' relationship with each other, and the effects also extend into the future.

Dontnod also worked closely with the advocacy organization GLAAD to create in Tyler the first authentic transgender representation in video games, going beyond tropes and stereotypes to create a "genuine, multidimensional character."

Unlike Life is Strange, Tell Me Why won't be released in episodes. The entire adventure will reportedly be in one package, with Peter Wyse, Xbox Games Studio's general manager, saying:

We listened closely to fans of narrative adventure games, and we heard loud and clear how painful unpredictable gaps between episodes can be,We’re thrilled to announce that the entire Tell Me Why story will release in the Summer 2020.

That's all we know about Tell Me Why right now. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Tell Me Why news and updates on other X019-announced games as information becomes available.


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Published Nov. 15th 2019

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