Zombie Mode in Infinite Warfare Will Be Very Different from Other CoD Titles

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's zombie mode will let players ride roller coasters, play as a nerd or jock, and have David Hasselhoff as a guide.

 It's been a while since Infinity Ward revealed the zombie mode, titled "Zombies in Spaceland", for its upcoming first person shooter Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Fans were rather curious about this, because Treyarch mastered the zombie mode, while Infinity Ward just gave players a strange alien mode.

But this time, Infinity Ward will be giving players a more quirky and comedic sort of zombie mode, rather than a horrific one. It will be four player co-op like before, but this mode will have an 80's theme to it, and it will take players to a zombie-infested amusement park.

This zombie mode will also have a bit of a story to it, where four characters were invited to a movie audition, but get transported to an amusement park, where they meet hordes of zombies. Players will have four characters to choose from: the jock, the rapper, the nerd, and the valley girl. The players will be guided by the Spaceland DJ, who will be played by David Hasselhoff.

The DJ will help players throughout their journey -- and if they die, they will be sent to another mode called "Afterlife Arcade". In this mode, players will play more classic games such as Pitfall 2 -- and if they score high enough, they can respawn and get back into the game.

This will definitely be different from the zombie modes of the previous games, but players still need to wait and see if this will be good. It will either be an improvement or it will be a disappointment. 


Published Sep. 7th 2016

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