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Well, been a while. But life is starting to calm down. ( The What's Up? thread )

posted by (Contributor) 6 years ago

Without going into too much detail, it's been a busy several months since my first article introduction here. Family has needed my attention as well as my own physical and mental health. Had to get all my "ducks in a row" before settling in and I'm sorry about that. I've lurked and posted here and there after I found out what my problem was ( hint, update EVERYTHING if you don't know what 'the' problem is....most likely it's just something on the computer that needs updating that isn't sending you messages about needing an update ).

Recently got my very first drawing tablet and taking some time to learn how to use it. Also have some artwork that one of my little sisters made for my "Kitten Mother" persona for when I write articles. Really excited about using it!

I have a few articles in mind and have had them written down to get back to when life was finally calming down. Still trying to get a blog going but been stuck on just the name of it and it's driving me batty! >.<

..anyways, hello again and many hugs to everyone! If for nothing else...I suppose this could be a thread for those of us that have taken a while ( well, more than we'd like ) in getting back to writing again and what's been going on... Don't see the forum being used too often so hope this gets it going a bit more. :)


  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Howdy Jess! It's good to see you again. Life has a way of getting crazy from time to time. I certainly know how that is.

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