Xbox 360 Cloud Saves Will be Free to Make Backwards Compatibility "Easier"

Still playing your Xbox 360 games? You'll be able to bring your saves to next-gen consoles thanks to free Xbox 360 cloud saves.

Free cloud saves are coming to Xbox 360 games, Microsoft's Compatibility Lead Peggy Lo said. The move comes ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X|S and is meant to make transferring data between the 360 and those systems more convenient. Currently, cloud saves for the Xbox 360 require an Xbox Live Gold subscription. 

The confirmation of free cloud saves came in a recent Xbox Wire post where Lo re-confirmed details about Xbox Series X|S backwards compatibility.

There's no set date for when free Xbox 360 cloud saves will be implemented. But once the functionality arrives, data can be downloaded to next-gen Xbox systems to make for a seamless transition.

Many of these older games — and some even some on the original Xbox — are getting plenty of enhancements on the Series X and Series S.

We outlined the enhancements in greater detail before, but players can expect high dynamic range (a kind of visual makeover), improved frame rates for select titles, 4K compatibility, and more.

However, not every game will get every upgrade. Lo said some games won't support increased frame rates, and only "a portion" of titles will benefit from improved texture filtering. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more next-gen Xbox news as it develops.

[Source: Xbox Wire]


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Published Oct. 13th 2020

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