Bacon Man: An Adventure Kickstarter!

Action platforming sidescrolling adventure featuring the Meat Throne heir Bacon Man!

Hello everyone!

Bacon Man is being developed by a team of 3 which includes me as well. I'm the lead programmer as well as the 3D modeller in the project and can always take questions if anyone is interested in inquiring about my part in the development of this game. I have some experience with other projects as well. One being designing and building two levels for Jeklynn Heights.

We are working on a game called Bacon Man! Multiplayer support will be in the final game and we have also added language support for Spanish and Greek. Since a couple of our developers can already fluently speak the language, we plan on adding that support. More languages can be added as we progress with our kickstarter as well as the game develops.


We have already been interviewed with IndieStatik and Pixelitis, featuring Neal our Skymap Games frontman. They chat about our history with the game and as well as some of our challenges that we have experienced during development. If you would like to see how our game plays checkout SeaPeeKay's gameplay of Bacon Man!

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So far our Kickstarter has been succesful in maintaining a good track to reach our goal. Whether or not we reach that goal, the game will still be released as planned, however, may be missing some features like online functionality or timely console ports. I know how important that is to many gamers so we will still make sure it happens no matter what! 

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Bacon Man is a full 3D side scrolling action platforming game. It mixes fighting, shooting, and physics based abilities to create a challenging experience in a beautifully rendered world inspired by the food groups. 

We crafted Bacon Man in the spirit of some of our favorite titles, such as Rayman, Mega Man X, and Earthworm Jim. Only 90’s kids will remember. The rest of you had no childhoods! 

If you would like to keep track with our games development check out our website at 


Published Jul. 24th 2014

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