TERA Heading to China, First Test Phase in October

China may be late to the party, but it's better to get TERA late than never.

It's hard to fathom that China wouldn't have their own version of TERA, considering the game has reached a good portion of the Asian market by now. Better late than never, as publisher Kunlun Games has announced they will be publishing Bluehole's MMORPG in China later this year.

TERA will be launching as a free to play game in China, skipping out on the (somewhat brief) subscription models we saw in the rest of the world before the transition to free to play. Testing will begin this October.

MMO Culture mentions they claim there is a $40 million USD licensing fee to bring the game to the Chinese market. This could be the reason TERA bounced around the rest of Asia (including Taiwan) before finally rearing its head in China.

The Chinese trailer seen below is wonderful in its own right, but it seems a bit romanticized in comparison to TERA's trailers for other territories. I wish you could really sit on or lean against railings in-game. That would be nice.

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Published Jul. 16th 2013

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