Rekoil Launches on Steam

Rekoil is a arena shooter allowing gamers to compete in mass battles to the death. If you like to take part in fun and entertaining combat? Give this game a try.

Gamers that love mass battles have a new arena to enter. Worldwide publisher Plastic Piranha recently announced Rekoil is available on Steam. This computer game is set in a ‘Minuteman’ universe ravaged by disease, where players battle to survive in a world gone mad.

A multiplayer first person shooter designed to offer balanced game play and flexibility in game styles, Rekoil features infantry combat in a variety of environments. If you love group arena battles to the death? Check out this video game here. You can also view the latest trailer on the game here. You’ll top the leaderboards.

Rekoil is a game developed to be modified for fun and entertainment. This game includes tools which allow gamers to play with the design and have a little fun adding personal touches to the game.

It supports customizable servers, which allow the game to appeal to a larger variety of game play styles. The developers also added seven game modes, ten maps and 40 different weapons for players to fight to the death with.


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Published Jan. 30th 2014

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