Gazamo Games Sprinter Maps Cinematic; Awesome Builds!

Gazamo Games releases a cinematic video promoting their intense Sprinters Maps available on their mini-games server.

The team behind the Gazamo Games server has added an awesome cinematic video featuring their intricate maps for their Sprinters game. 

What is the Sprinters game?

The Sprinters game on Gazamo's mini-games server is a fast-paced parkour game with numerous people. There are various effects used within the game as you pass over the different color blocks. Yellow blocks bring more speed, purple is a slowness effect, black brings on a type of nausea, green gives you a check-point, and red causes a jumping reaction.  

A YouTube blogger and Minecraft fan, YoshiToMario did a Sprinters showcase video, "RUN FROM THE RAGE" which can be viewed below. As YoshiToMario plays through the complex and rage inducing maps, he describes how the mini-games server runs and some unique features.

What else does Gazamo Games offer?

Gazamo Games developed an entire mini-games server, featuring some unique Minecraft mini-games. By applying the new Minecraft block updates, they've added new effects.

For a full list and explanation of each mini-game offered, please review my previous article, "Gazamo Games Debuts Public Beta", which divulges further.

If you want to start playing on the Gazamo Games mini-server, you can use the IP, and review their website.

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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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