E3 Press Conference Report Card: Everything Important in One Place

The best stuff from all four of the E3 press events.

Unlike previous E3 conventions, today was a minefield of press conferences. All of the biggest names in revealed their work for the upcoming year one after the other, and that kind of news can be overwhelming.I’ve taken my top three announcements from of each conference and compiled it into one convenient page! I’ll hold for applause.Thank you, you’re too much.  **Smoking is bad but you're so cool.**Microsoft1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainThe evil empire started their press conference with a bang, and a big eff-you to Playstation with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. What a trailer that was. It was beautiful, varied and expansive. It’s honestly everything I’d expect from a “next-generation” title.My only gripe with this is that it was a tightly controlled vision of the game. Sure, there was gameplay, but it was all pre-played. I would have loved to see a real-time demo. Either way, I’m happy though. 2. Halo 5They showed almost nothing. But it did its job and got me excited.The particles were absolutely mind-numbingly beautiful and when the wind blew Master Chief’s potato sack hood off I got chills. I want to see more!I’m hoping the really scale things up with this one; give me some huge environments, destructible buildings and some more varied combat zones and I’m all over this.3. Sunset OverdriveI know… it was a short trailer! And who knows if the actual game will play anything like that? Not I. But it looks absolutely amazing.The art style and the color use is perfect for that kind of game and it brings me back to some older games (you know which ones) while still taking a step forward.On top of that we have the geniuses at Insomniac behind this one, who have always churned out some solid titles. Needless to say I’m pretty excited about this one.Honorable mentionRyse: Son of RomeThis game is beautiful. I love the style and the fact that it looks to be a Rome simulator of sorts. The beginning of the gameplay segment reminded me of the Normandy scene from the old Medal of Honor.One thing that really bothered me about this was the overuse of quick-time events. We get that it frames the action really well, but it’s boring. Maybe I’m wrong and Crytek can make it work to their benefit. Aside from that though, the game looks more than promising, and the studio’s reputation is stellar enough to get me psyched. At the end of the day I see this going either way. It certainly looks pretty, but I’ve seen a lot of pretty games that end up being gnarly on the inside.Side not: Why are they British?Microsoft did an okay job. They showed some great games, many of which I didn’t mention, so definitely check them out. They almost won me over too, until they started to get into the ridiculous rules about used games, online babysitting and authentication. It’s just too much. **That's what they call some of that yo-kicking.**Electronic Arts1. Mirror’s EdgeMirror’s Edge gave me chills. The announcement of the name alone, before I even saw the footage! Let me explain.I loved the first Mirror’s Edge. It was so flawed and inconsistent I probably would have hated it had I purchased it on day one, but I waited quiet some time to pick it up, so I was able to see the best in it. Mirror’s Edge is a smart, original and kind of beautiful game. I wanted a sequel literally from the second I stopped playing. I know the new one is a reboot, but I’ll take what I can get.Taking the original into consideration the footage shown could absolutely be gameplay. If it is I’m going to need a new shirt, because mine just exploded from excitement. The color palette is true Mirror’s Edge style with an extra smack of sharpness and it looks unreal.2. Battlefield 4I’m not a fan of the competitive first-person shooters. However if Call of Duty were that weird brother that always asked you for money Battlefield would be your other brother that you’re not close with but doesn’t piss you off.That being said they toppled a building in this 64 person multiplayer map. I’ll be more specific. People were fighting in the building – they jumped out – then the building collapsed. It was the most incredible display of the next gen hardware I’ve seen thus far.Touché Battlefield… I want you in my home.3. Star Wars: BattlefrontWith very little information aside from confirmation I was able to get excited for this game.I have many a memory of playing Battlefield with friends, getting angry at each other, and continuing to play. Here’s to hoping it’s every bit as Hothy as I want it to be.Honorable MentionPeggle 2I’m totally cool if no one agrees with me here, but Peggle is tremendous. I literally must have sunk 40 hours in that game. Furthermore, the announcement was priceless.**Literally how it was announced.**EA showed up with some big guns today, but the lack of actual gameplay for great titles makes me feel uncomfortable. On top of that I really hate sports games. I understand they’re EA’s bread and butter, but for someone like me I may as well take a nap. The event made me more excited to see what they have to offer within the coming months than what they have right now.**I bet'cha he was always picked first.**Ubisoft1. Watch DogsLike last year, this game blew me away and could even be my top game of the show. It looks like every single detail of this game was hand crafted and well thought out. Everything from the camera hopping to the savage combat and gunplay make me want to escape into this word.Aiden’s friend also had a cool beard.2. South Park: The Stick of TruthWhen THQ went belly up I was afraid this game would never see the light of day. And like a superhero that’s a bug fan of cartoons, Ubisoft swooped in to save South Park: The Stuck of Truth from its untimely demise.The fact that this is a current generation game doesn’t faze me at all. I’m just happy that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are having their integrity upheld with this game and we’re finally going to see a South Park adventure worthy of the title.Also Nagasaki – bam.3. Rayman LegendsHow can we not love Rayman? With his missing limbs and signature cartoony feel he and his buddies will leap right into your heart.It looks like this one will offer all of the challenge, variety and frustration the previous entry did and I couldn’t be happier to giggly my way through it like a 7-year-old hearing his teacher fart.Honorable MentionAssassins Creed IV: Black FlagI’m annoyed that this is coming out only a year after AC3. I was honestly pretty let down by AC3 and while this one looks really great, I’m having trouble getting behind it.Ubisoft made me happy. It was great to see Watch Dogs gameplay that I actually believe is real, and it softens my heart to know that South Park’s new home is treating them well. I really would have loved to see Beyond Good and Evil 2 but dreams are dreams… right? **I want to live there but I feel like it's a bad idea.**Sony1. DestinyI didn’t care at all about this game until I saw the gameplay demo. It’s like Halo, Star Wars and Borderlands had a sexy baby that was immediately of age. It looks amazing.The gameplay was fluid and the shooting looked frantic without being frustrating. I’m a big fan of the way co-op was used, and feel like it aligns with the way I play games. I’ve got to say; this is a hands down, first day purchase for me.2. The Order 1886The concept of a game taking place in this time period with an emphasis on steampunky type weapons is really intriguing to me.We didn’t see any gameplay but the presentation itself was really engrossing. I can imagine the game being centered on some cool secret government or anti-government operations; using then experimental weapons and blowing up zombie looking foes.I can’t wait to see more. 3. Batman: Arkham OriginsI love the Arkham series. I honestly think it is one of the strongest franchises of the current generation, and I can’t wait to see it keep going.The fact that Sony got some gameplay footage in their event makes it totally worthy of this list. The gameplay itself looks to be similarly awesome and fluent, though not too much was shown.Also the Joker is in it. He didn’t sound like Mark Hamill, but whoever that was can do a pretty good Mark Hamill impression.Honorable MentionKingdom Hearts 3I really loved the first Kingdom Hearts. Unfortunately the other ones just didn’t do it for me in the same way, for reasons beyond me. I’m curious to see what this one does differently, and if it can deliver on the more-than-lofty expectations of the die-hard fan.Sony blew me away. For a minute there I though Microsoft was going to win me over, but when Jack Trenton got on stage and basically beat the Xbox One’s deficiencies down their throats only a maniac could say that the Xbox One is a better buy than the PS4. I wish I could include all of the amazing (and some not so amazing) games shown today, but it would take six years. What were your favorite games from each conference? What did I miss? Sound off in the comments down below and tell me what your top three were for each event! If you do maybe I’ll buy you an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii with me… it’ll be romantic, I promise!

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Published Jun. 11th 2013

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