How Mass Effect 3 Created a Memorable Union

On this Valentine's Day, we learn that video games can bring people together...forever.

Okay, everyone all at once... ready?


If you think playing video games can't enhance your social life, here's a story about how one particular game gave two people the ultimate social life enhancement. The touching, encouraging story can be found at the BioWare blog, where we learn about Jameela and Tyler, who originally met while playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

Jameela got an invitation to play ME3 online with a couple friends, Sean and Estevan. She wasn't really in the mood but, as fate would have it, she decided to play. After a little while, Tyler, a mutual friend of the boys with whom Jameela was playing, joined the action. Jameela said she was "really quiet at first," but Tyler had no trouble chatting about the interesting world of Mass Effect.

After he joked about the two of them having nothing better to do on a Friday night, Tyler joked: "Man, we are, like, undateable."

It was his sense of humor that first attracted Jameela.

“I liked the fact that he could make fun of himself. He was obviously smart, and he was very witty.”

Estevan noticed there was some chemistry going on, so, like any good buddy, he seized the opportunity to play matchmaker. He encouraged Jameela to connect with Tyler on Facebook, and sent each glowing text messages of praise about the other. Jameela opted to make the first move, and how did she do it? By sending a virtual signal, of course: She was the first to revive Tyler's character when he fell in battle.


The two ended up playing all night and a month later, the two finally met. It didn't take long for them to realize they wanted to be together. But unfortunately, there was a big problem: 2,000 miles separated the two would-be lovers.

However, luck is always on the side of the fated-to-be-together, right? Tyler was already planning to move back to Michigan, which was only about six and a half hours from Jameela's hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Before that happened, though, the two stayed in touch via Skype, texting, and - what else? - playing co-op games.

Tyler proposed to Jameela on June 22, 2012 and the wedding was set for October 26. For more about the awesome wedding gift they received, and how their friends reacted to the union, read the full story linked above.

Now, don't you feel better about life in general?

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Published Feb. 15th 2014

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