Five cool games from Japan that never came to the west

Mother 3 / Earthbound 2

The third and final installment in the Mother series, Mother 3, or more commonly known as Earthbound 2 to western fans, is an RPG for the Gameboy Advance that follows the story of Lucas and his family.

You might remember Lucas from Super Smash Brothers as the kid with psychic powers, like Ness.

Fans have been asking Nintendo to release this one in North America for what feels like ages, and Nintendo has responded! By re-releasing it on the Wii U virtual console... in Japan only.

Why it didn't come to the west

The hardest thing going for this game was that it was released at the end of the GBA's life cycle. Nintendo was focusing on selling their new Nintendo DS handheld system (new at the time) and because of that some Gameboy games got left in the dust.

Combine that with the series' popularity never breaking into the mainstream western audiences, Nintendo felt like we didn't want Mother 3.

Nintendo might have been wrong about that, however, as there are fan translations of the game floating online, showing just how dedicated Earthbound fans can be. 

Published Dec. 3rd 2015

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