The 5 Best Weapons for WWI Warfare in Tannenberg

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M1915 Stielhandgranate

  • Type: Hand Grenade
  • Filling: Trinitrotoluene
  • Detonation mechanism: Friction igniter (4.5s delay)

Sometimes you just need something to get your enemies out of the trenches. This M1915 grenade is a perfect tool for doing exactly that. 

The design of the Stielhandgranate allows the handle to give the player more leverage and therefore throw it farther. The friction mechanism delay will also give you enough time to take cover after the initial explosion.

It's a great tool to have, so pick it up before venturing into the areas controlled by the Allied forces.


That's all for the Best Weapons in Tannenberg guide, but be sure to let us know which weapons you prefer to use during combat in the comments section below.

Published Nov. 22nd 2017

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