Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know - Boss Guide

Killing bosses in Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know just got a lot easier.

Finn and Jake have made many friends along in their adventures, but they have also made many enemies. In Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know, you get to fight some of these tough enemies. Some will be familiar, some are brand new.

The boss fights in this game range in difficulty considerably. The first boss fight is a breeze, but the second boss fight is quite difficult if you're not ready to run your sweet bunbuns off.

Boss Basics

Each boss fight in AT:EtDBIDK is different from the last. Some seem to be straight forward fights while others are based around specific mechanics like chase scenes or penguin soccer.

All bosses in AT:EtDBIDK have two things in common: there will be a cinematic and the boss will appear every ten floors.

Demon Cat - Floor 10

  • Tank and spank fight
  • Telegraphs when he attacks
  • Winning this fight unlocks Lumpy Space Princess
  • Recommended tactic: Use a character with high rowdiness, thump count, and blocking. Equip them with Turtle Princess Medal. Block when attacked, attack when not blocking.

Angry Mob - Floor 20

  • Not a real fight
  • Run away from an angry mob
  • Hit switches to slow mobs down
  • Try to pick up treasure, but don't be greedy
  • Recommended tactic: Use a floating character like Marceline. Equip Speedy Feet. Be prepared to die a lot if you pick up gold.

Fionna and Cake Ice Golems - Floor 30

  • Created by the Ice King
  • Two quick-moving enemies that will be difficult to fight
  • Fionna walks after you to hit you with her sword
  • Cake charges at you
  • If you kill one, the other will try to revive them
  • Strike the second one down during this process as fast as you can
  • Winning this fight unlocks the Ice King
  • Recommended tactic 1: Pick a character with high rowdiness and a good block to quickly get rid of these two. Be ready to take damage if you can't move fast enough.
  • Recommended tactic 2: Pick a character that can move around easily. Equip Speedy Feet. Get hits in as you dodge the enemy.

Psychic Cat - Floor 40

  • Similar to Angry Mob, not a fight
  • Kitten will shoot projectiles at you
  • First projectile is straight shot at you
  • Second projectile is two shots going in a v around you
  • Hurts you if you get close
  • Room is filled with penguins
  • Attack penguins to send them sliding around the floor
  • Penguins in the slide animation can hurt you
  • Shoot the penguins at the cat
  • The cat will play with the penguins
  • Repeat until the cat gets tired and you win the fight
  • Recommended tactic: Use Speedy Feet on a character that can block along with the Turtle Princess Medal. Block when penguins come at you.

This list is far from complete. I am still in the process of conducting research for this so be sure to check back for more boss tactics and information for Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know.

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