Patch 1.03 for Minecraft: PS3 Edition Out Next Week

To remedy the many complaints, 4J Studios will release a patch for Minecraft: PS3 Edition.

Fortunately for many gamers, the patch 1.03 for Minecraft: PS3 Edition is expected to be released by next week to fix many problems that have risen within the game. Although the game is still playable in the current state, the 1.03 patch will fix many problems including those issues that have corrupted saved files.

What to Expect with Patch 1.03

There are numerous parts of the current client that this patch will fix, and here are a few:

  • Issue with multiplayer/splitscreen causing save file corruption
  • Memory issue causing random game freezes and exits to XBM
  • Lighting issue on a network client
  • Issue with Ghasts firing at certain angles
  • Rendering performance

For more information on the rest of the patch update, refer to here. Hopefully by developing this patch the game will perform at a better level, giving Sony gamers the wonderful world of Minecraft. For those of you who are playing Minecraft: PS3 Edition, be a bit understanding for these problems. After all, they are taking a game from the PC and making it for Sony.

Have you experienced these problems on Minecraft: PS3 Edition? Comment below!

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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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