The Witcher 3 will be 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

The Witcher 3 will run at 1080p on PS4 while just at 900p on Xbox One after a preview from a German gaming website revealed the specifications.

A German gaming website has revealed the resolution and frame rate for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in their preview.

Based on a rough translation from Gamestar, who was able to play the game on PC and consoles, The Witcher 3 was able to run at 1080p on the PlayStation 4 while just at 900p on Xbox One. Both versions ran at 30 frames per second.

On PS4, the game wasn't as perfect as their gaming rig with some blurred textures. However, the differences were barely noticeable when playing it at a distance from the TV like most PS4 owners will be doing.

Along with the higher resolution and sharper textures, the game also looked more vibrant than its Xbox One counterpart. However, developer CD Projekt RED hasn't confirmed the final numbers and the Xbox One port could be improved before release.

Is the resolution difference a big deal?

Playing at 30 FPS on both consoles didn't bother Gamestar when making the transition from PC. Considering how much detail is in The Witcher games, don't expect that number to go up on PS4 or Xbox One. It's already going to take a powerful rig to play the The Witcher 3 at ultra settings as is.

It also didn't bother the writers that the resolution was different. All three versions looked very similar and ultimately gorgeous. The bigger deal Gamestar dived into were the impressive lighting effects that really brought the main character and landscape to life. That's an experience no one will miss on any platform.

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Published Jan. 28th 2015

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