Pokemon GO Super Effective Files: Lapras Spotlight

This week's Pokemon GO Super Effective Files puts a spotlight on Lapras!

This week's Super Effective Files continues the Pokemon GO spotlight with Lapras. This Ice/Water Pokemon has great stats and is one of the biggest threats to arguably the best Pokemon currently obtainable, Dragonite.

I'm going to go over what makes Lapras so great, and list the moves available as well. Check out my other Super Effective Files for plenty of other Pokemon.

The Dragonite Counter

Lapras has no evolution or pre-evolutions, but it is a pretty rare Pokemon. I've only ever seen it come from an egg, so get those incubators ready.

If you do manage to get one, it is worth it. It can absolutely destroy a Dragonite because of the typing and stats.

It is weak to Electric, Grass, Rock, and Fighting. It is resistant to Water and very resistant to Ice

It deals extra damage to Dragon, Grass, Flying, and Ground.

Pokemon GO Lapras


  • Max CP - 2980
  • Base Attack - 186
  • Base Defense - 190
  • Base Stamina - 260

The high CP and massive stamina makes it hard to take down, but the Attack and Defense are pretty high as well.

The Power of Ice and Water

A great thing about Lapras' type is that Ice is strong against Dragon, and it can cover some of Water's weaknesses.

One of the worst weaknesses is Grass, which Ice is strong against.

As for moves, Lapras can learn only Ice Primary moves, and Ice and Dragon Secondary moves.


  • Frost Breath (Ice) - 9 damage/13 DPS (Damage Per Second)
  • Ice Shard (Ice) - 15 damage/13 DPS


  • Blizzard (Dragon) - 100 damage/30 DPS
  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon) - 65 damage/17 DPS
  • Ice Beam (Ice) - 65 damage/21 DPS

Overall Frost Breath will do slightly more DPS, but Ice Shard is still what I would shoot for, especially if defending gyms with Lapras.

For secondary, Dragon Pulse is not worth it over the other 2 Ice moves, because it does not get the same type attack bonus (STAB). Both Blizzard and Ice Beam are good choices.

Blizzard is probably better for attacking Gyms, and Ice Beam is better for defending them.

That wraps up this week of Pokemon GO Super Effective Files. This series will take a break until Pokemon Sun and Moon launches in November, unless something big happens in Pokemon GO before then.

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Published Sep. 15th 2017

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