Terraria Heading to iOS Tomorrow (August 29th)

Terraria makes its way to iOS this week. All that's left now is Android and Nintendo 3DS.

I know, I know -- this isn't an update on the state of the Terraria 1.2 patch, so who cares? iOS users, that's who. Re-Logic's sandbox-slash-adventure game is finally making its way to iOS devices tomorrow courtesy of the same studio who handled the console release, 505 Games.

This Terraria release will include Facebook integration, leaderboards, achievements, and a control scheme meant to allow for long periods of play. What more could iOS users want?

As with the console versions of the game, the iOS port will include some aspects not seen in the PC release. It is possible the new assets being added in the 1.2 update to the PC version of the game will not make it to iOS until it is added to the console versions. It is worth noting that Re-Logic and 505 Games are still up in the air as to whether these secondary releases will be seeing the 1.2 update.

Only two days left to go! Look for Terraria (for a yet to be announced price) on the App Store on Thursday, August 29th to get your mobile adventuring fix.

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Published Aug. 28th 2013

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