How to Beat Guardian Tales Heavenhold Tower 4

Here's how to beat Heavenhold Tower 4 in Guardian Tales.

There are two types of towers in Guardian Tales: normal ones that can be accessed through the world map and those in Heavenhold Castle. One particularly difficult tower is Heavenhold Tower 4, mostly because of its unusual layout. This guide will tell you how to beat it in the most effective way.

The best hero to beat this tower is Swindler Magician Dolf. A fire mage, they were designed to beat towers like Heavenhold 4, which consists of three enclosed rooms with enemies and one hall.

Since the enemies are protected by walls, you need a weapon that can deal damage through walls. Typical melee characters won't work, and ranged characters are ineffective. 

How to Get Dolf in Guardian Tales

To unlock Dolf, you must complete all of the stages in World 6 - Inn...? At the end, you will be asked to find Dolf after talking to Dual-Personality Maid Amy.

You can find Amy in the northwest at the start of the final stage. You will need to solve a simple puzzle at the table and then talk to her about rescuing Dolf from the pits of the dungeon.

She will lead you through the dungeon, and you will find Dolf at the very end.

How to Get Dolf's Helios Staff

Once Dolf joins your party, you need to give him his exclusive weapon: the Helios fire staff.

This weapon has the special ability Meteor Strike, which brings down from the sky powerful fire meteors that deal 425% damage to all enemies within its area of effect. This is a perfect weapon for clearing all enemies in Heavenhold Tower 4.

You can obtain Helios in the following ways:

  • Equipment Summon
  • Mileage Shop: 300x Mileage Tickets
  • Legend Exclusive Equipment Boxes
  • Random Evolution
  • Random Stage Reward

No matter how you obtain Helios, you will have one of the strongest fire staffs in the game. The 4-star Helios deals 1,726-1,812 DPS, while 5-star Helios deals 2,201-2,416 DPS.

If you can't get Helios for any reason, then you can use one of the following fire staffs:

  • Fire Shape Staff
  • Flame Staff
  • Flame Wing Staff

Any of these staffs will be able to breach through the walls of the Heavenhold, but the damage dealt will be much lower than the Helios Staff.

How to Beat Heavenhold Tower 4

Once you've obtained the Helios Staff, you can move on to Heavenhold Castle. You must complete the first race and the puzzle before you can enter Tower 4.

As soon as you enter the first hall:

  1. Move to the first room to your left
  2. Summon Meteor Strike inside the room
  3. Finish off surviving enemies with Dancing Fire
  4. Move upwards to the second room
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3
  6. Turn right and approach the third and final room
  7. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all enemies are dead

The power of Meteor Strike from Helios will kill all of the enemies within any given room almost instantly.

In addition to Meteor Strike and Dancing Fire, you can use such spells as Narcissism, which will increase your damage by 20%, and Meteor Shower, a similar AoE attack as Meteor Strike.


As with any other tower, you will be rewarded with the following prizes at the end of the stage:

  • 1x Star Piece
  • 31,000 XP

That's all you need to know on how to beat Heavenhold Tower 4 in Guardian Tales. If this article helped you, then consider sharing it with your friends!


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Published Aug. 19th 2021

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