Everquest Next Makes it's Mark, its Landmark to be Exact

SOE announces plans to release Everquest Next Landmark later this year in which players can interact with elements from the anticipated Everquest Next World

Dave Gorgeson, Director of Development for the Everquest franchise, made an unexpected announcement this afternoon that SOE plans to launch Everquest Next Landmark later this year. Landmark will be a Free-to-Play sandbox game that allows players to utilize a variety of tools in order to create realistic environments. In great anticipation for Everquest Next, which is due out next year, Landmark will allow players to experience aspects of the EQNext. So, what will players actually be able to do in Landmark?                                        

Explore and Claim 

In Landmark, players will have the ability to explore beautiful new territories and interact with other players. They will be able to claim land and set status privileges for their territory. Players will also have the ability to earn multiple claims and expand their hold on the world.



Collect and Build        

Once players have their territory, they will need materials to build with. Resources will be found across the Landmark world for players to discover and utilize to build their own creations. The extensive tools available to players will allow complete customization. Since the Everquest Next world is made up of small blocks, building materials can be manipulated to fit a creator's specific needs.





Earn Reputation and Money        

SOE is offering players an unprecedented opportunity to take part in Landmark and possibly help create the Everquest Next world.  Construction contests will allow designers to create structures and submit them to possibly become part of the Everquest Next world! Not only that, but SOE plans to implement the Player Studio program for Everquest Next and Landmark, so designers will have a chance to earn some real life money from selling their creations on an in-game marketplace.

This is truly exciting news and we look forward to hearing more details about Everquest Next Landmark in the next comming months. Stay with us at GameSkinny as we cover more exciting news from SOE Live!

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Published Aug. 11th 2017

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