Unboxing the MaxLander: Skylander data-saving NFC device

A short unboxing on a Skylanders data saving NFC device called MaxLander; and how it would be great for kids.

Being a hardware and gadget person, I got my hands on the MaxLander data saving device and decided to do an unboxing so people can see what the hype is all about.

For those of you who don't know MaxLander, it's made for all Skylanders games on various softwares. It can be used to either download items or characters directly from the internet and use them, or you can save them as a backup if you're traveling and don't want to take them all.

Tons of components for the gadget

The MaxLander comes with a ton of parts that work together to save and download Skylander data. Major parts consist of the cable, token chips, and MaxLander device. Each token has up to a 99 character and item saving capacity. Along with the two tokens, there are two sheets with different types of elements, and two cases for the tokens. 

Seemingly for kids

When looking at the device and using it, I could see this product being specifically used by my three year old nephew - where collecting the physical figures might become a problem. Since the software for the figures and items could be downloaded digitally, he could play all he likes without needing to spend his parent's money for his game.

I would suggest this product for anyone who would like to save money on recreational activities like video games and still get the same enjoyment. All that is really necessary for MaxLander to work is a PC, the Skylanders game disk, and of course, the portal pad. 

It is a bit surprising in the long run that Skylanders hasn't shut down this device and company on a copyright infringement, but only time can tell how they'll respond. 

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Published Sep. 27th 2015

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