Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 early release

EA is happy to announce that Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 will reach stores in February ahead of their spring release date.

The next installment of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, Garden Warfare 2, is set to hit stores in February instead of the original Spring release date. Developers at PopCap Vancouver are too excited about their crazy shooter and simply can't wait to get it into player hands. 

Garden Warfare 2 is an all-out-battle shooter that has turned the franchise on its head. Zombies have taken over the land of Suburbia, and the plants are now on the offensive. Players can choose to attack as plants or rally together and defend against invasion as a horde of zombies.

"Garden Warfare is known for spoofing games that we love. And one of my all time favorites is Grass Effect." - Jeremy Vanhoozer, Senior Creative Director

Garden Warfare 2 goes above and beyond its predecessors, as players who pre-order the game will have immediate access to the new Grass Effect Z7 Mech, inspired by the Mass Effect trilogy. Developers at PopCap studios worked closely with BioWare to create this one of a kind mech that comes equipped with a zomni-tool, kinetic padding, and biotic abilities!

Watch the Grass Effect Z7 Mech in action

The game has dozens of new features added that were fan-requested, such as Backyard Battleground and Graveyard Ops. Players who pre-order the game will also receive an emoji pack filled with 14 new emoji-style accessories to customize their character classes. 

With all-new features that fans can hardly wait to play, it makes sense that PopCap studios wants to show off their wacky shooter sooner than expected. Their excitement is contagious!


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Published Nov. 5th 2015

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