Grand Gangsters 3D weapons guide

From fists to pathetic pistols and on to high rate of fire machine guns, these are the weapons you can unlock and upgrade in your quest to become the ultimate gangster!

In your quest to be the top criminal mastermind in this mobile sandbox title, you will need more than just punches and a basic pistol if you plan to take on the po-po and all those rival gangsters.

Unfortunately, you start the game with just the lowly Grey Pigeon handgun, which will see you quickly outclassed by police officers or pretty much anyone in the Shooting missions.

New weapons can (very) occasionally be unlocked when you master different missions by getting a full 3 stars, but more likely you will need to buy them with in-game cash or gold, which are both earned by completing daily tasks, unlocking achievements, or just plain old picking it up off corpses.

Your weapons aren't static in Grand Gangsters 3D though – the more you use them, the more potent they become, and if you get tired of waiting, you can also drop some cash to upgrade them more quickly. There is also a small chance to automatically upgrade your currently equipped handgun or machine gun if you get 3 stars on Road Of Fury, Delivery, or Skill missions.

Keep in mind that even the earliest weapons can be incredibly useful when leveled – the level 2 Grey Pigeon is a better all around option than the level 1 Black Spider for instance, even though the latter is a more expensive gun.

Below you can find a full break down of all the weapons currently available in the game, along with the costs to upgrade them.

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Grey Pigeon

Your trust starting sidearm, which is only nominally better than a fist to the face. You will be using this one on most of your early Shooting and Survival missions, so be sure to upgrade it as soon as you can!

  • Max Bullets: 200
  • Base Damage: 30
  • Base Clip Size: 5
  • Base Fire Rate: 28
  • Upgrade Cost: $400

Black Spider

When you first grab this new gun, it won't offer much more stopping power, but it does have a higher clip size, so you don't need to reload nearly as frequently – which is a huge advantage in both the Survival and Shooting missions.

  • Max Bullets: 200
  • Base Damage: 35
  • Base Clip Size: 7
  • Base Fire Rate: 30
  • Upgrade Cost: $400

Red Cedar (Unlocks at area 2 – requires 14 stars)

Only available after getting into the second part of the game, this is likely the first gun you'll buy that requires actual gold instead of cash, which is harder to acquire. While the clip size is smaller, it does significantly more damage than even the first few machine guns.

  • Max Bullets: 200
  • Base Damage: 46
  • Base Clip Size: 6
  • Base Fire Rate: 31
  • Upgrade Cost: 4 Gold

Silver Fox (Unlocks at area 3 – requires 28 stars)

An absolute powerhouse, this one offers both the extended clip and a ton of base damage.

  • Max Bullets: 200
  • Base Damage: 57
  • Base Clip Size: 7
  • Base Fire Rate: 34
  • Upgrade Cost: 8 gold

White Bone (Unlocks at area 4 – requires 42 stars)

The best handgun you can acquire without finding hidden collectibles, this one easily outclasses all beneath it.

  • Max Bullets: 200
  • Base Damage: 66
  • Base Clip Size: 8
  • Base Fire Rate: 37
  • Upgrade Cost: 10 gold

Golden Lion (requires finding hidden boxes)

To unlock this monster of a handgun, you first have to find all 20 hidden boxes. They are scattered randomly throughout all four areas of the game, and some are only available by earning 3 stars in missions like Survival.

  • Max Bullets: 200
  • Base Damage: 86
  • Base Clip Size: 11
  • Base Fire Rate: 39
  • Upgrade Cost: no upgrades


The Dust

This first machine gun is actually worse than the starting handgun, at least at level 1, as it has such a low damage rate, but it fires off significantly more bullets at a time, so with some upgrades this can be useful.

  • Max Bullets: 500
  • Base Damage: 21
  • Base Clip Size: 14
  • Base Fire Rate: 71
  • Upgrade Cost: $460

Soldiers (misspelled as “Soilders," unlocks at area 2 – requires 14 stars)

This one is only slightly upgraded from The Dust, so if you've been spending time upgrading the previous machine gun you might want to skip this one entirely, especially since it costs gold to upgrade instead of cash.

  • Max Bullets: 500
  • Base Damage: 24
  • Base Clip Size: 14
  • Base Fire Rate: 72
  • Upgrade Cost: 5 gold

Brave Heart (unlocks at area 3 – requires 28 stars)

Much better than the previous machine gun, this one comes available in the third area and has an even better fire rate than the earlier bullet spewers. Better save up that gold to upgrade!

  • Max Bullets: 500
  • Base Damage: 31
  • Base Clip Size: 16
  • Base Fire Rate: 77
  • Upgrade Cost: 8 gold

Soul Reaper (unlocks at area 4 – requires 42 stars)

Bigger clip size, insane fire rate, this one's called the Soul Reaper for good reason! Get ready to mow down gangsters by the dozens in Survival mode with this bad boy equipped.

  • Max Bullets: 500
  • Base Damage: 37
  • Base Clip Size: 19
  • Base Fire Rate: 81
  • Upgrade Cost: 10 gold

The Death (requires finding hidden boxes)

Much like with the ultimate handgun, unlocking The Death requires finding 20 hidden boxes scattered randomly across the game and sometimes only available by earning 3 stars in mission areas.

  • Max Bullets: 500
  • Base Damage: 49
  • Base Clip Size: 24
  • Base Fire Rate: 85
  • Upgrade Cost: no upgrades


Let us know what weapons you've managed to unlock so far and what gun you think is best for any of the game's missions!

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Published May. 17th 2016

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