Microsoft Has Given Up on the TV DVR Feature for Xbox One

If you were looking forward to using your Xbox One as a set-top box, things just got a bit worse.

Three years after all the fuss from its E3 presentation on how it would bring next-level TV entertainment, Microsoft is reportedly no longer adding a TV DVR function to the Xbox One like the company originally announced back in August of last year.

According to a Mircosoft spokesperson:

"After careful consideration, we've decided to put development of DVR for Over-the-Air TV on hold to focus our attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming experiences across Xbox One and Windows 10. We're always listening to fan feedback and we look forward to bringing more requested experiences on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Live this year."

It was originally planned for the Xbox One to be a set-top box of sorts in addition to being a game console, letting users schedule recordings on the go and stream or download shows to Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices. While that feature would have been quite useful, Microsoft would keep it limited to free-to-air TV. There would also be digital TV tuners that support the feature released in Europe and the US.

Upon the end of Windows Media Center for Windows 10, it seems like this plan got axed along with it, as there are no other alternatives at the moment. Due to this development, the Xbox One is back to its full status as a gaming console. Whatever we may get to see at E3 2016 related to the Xbox One, it will most likely be gaming titles and hardware.


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Published Jun. 9th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Mmm... Maybe that was due to legal issues?

    Or they just couldn't implement firmware to allow recording via the HDMI (that's the only way I can think it would be done, think Elgato HD/60/Pro/S)?

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