The Green Fairy Is Back ;)

My quest to find a perfect green fairy look

I have been shuffling through different MMO's, always searching for the best outfit to resemble a green male fairy. The big variety of different skins and colors made this Sylvari one of my masterpieces, the holographic dragon wings giving him a nice second set of wings.

I started wearing the mix of sylvari T1/T2 armors as soon as I hit level 80 - this was over 10 months ago. I have never changed my appearance after this (Apart from the holographic wings addition), and I highly doubt I ever will. 

The dyes I'm wearing are Fresh Green and Robin. I am also quite fond of the Green Hylek Potion dye (Picture underneath), so if the community has any suggestions on a dye that would give my fairy a rocking radioactive look like this, it would be much appreciated.

Radiactive fairy

Thank you for reading and hope you support my Green Fairy project ^^

The green fairy



Published Aug. 13th 2013

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