Hyperkin's New Light Gun Will Let You Blast Away On HDTVs

Hyperkin to reveal new HDTV-friendly light gun at CES.

When it comes to using light guns in video games, there's a growing problem. True light guns, which were made to work with old-school CRT TVs (the big fat TVs of yesteryear) are pretty much an extremely niche technology in the console gaming space.

That is until now.

As it turns out, peripheral maker Hyperkin has an HD-friendly light gun in the works. Named the "Hyper Blaster HD," the peripheral will work with any game designed for light guns. Yes, that includes non-HD games like Duck Hunt.

An actual image of the new device hasn't been released at this point, but it's certain the company is waiting for a full reveal at CES later this week; it's part of a lineup of items the company plans to show off at the conference, Including a RetroN DIY kit for SNES that makes use of the Raspberry Pi.

Currently, speculation is that it will share some similarities to Hyperkin's Hyper Blaster set with VIVE Tracker.

We'll share more when we have it. 

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Published Jan. 7th 2019

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