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by MandieM

Planet Explorers is Pathea's new answer to...well, to everything, basically. This excellent new game brings together sprinkles of many different genres, providing an experience that most, if not all, gamers will enjoy. The game has elements of an RPG, a Sim, an FPS, and even an MMO, which at first can be a little overwhelming.

In fact, the only downside I was able to point out with the game, which is still in Alpha, is that it's a bit difficult to learn to navigate. Hopefully, this won't be its downfall; the game has a bit of a steep learning curve for those who haven't played it.


Everything starts off pretty simple, but I was impressed with the level of detail put into the environment. Unfortunately, this probably means that some people will have trouble with their graphics processor and this game. With an Nvidia GT 610, I experienced lag even on medium; dropping to simple worked, but also drastically changes the experience.Most of the environmental bonuses like the grass and lighting disappear.

It'd probably be best to have a fairly good card for this game when possible. Much like other MMOs, it is possible to run it on a lesser card, but with how much you lose and the type of game it is, it may be just too excessive a loss.

Planet Explorers Alpha 0.72 Action Trailer

I'm bringing in the Pathea-issued action trailer for this one, and you'll see why when you watch it. This game has plenty of excitement to be had. While you won't see action like this right off the bat in the game, all of the items, characters, and even animals you see can be encountered as you continue on. It's also possible to build most of what you see by hand. 



See, this is where Planet Explorers gets a little bit special. The game allows you to build basically anything from scratch if you have the materials, much like Minecraft, but with better graphics. People have built a variety of cool tools, vehicles, and weapons--even the vehicle with stairs from Arrested Development.

Planet Explorers a0.5 Adventure Trailer

It's not all building and action in Planet Explorers; there's plenty of adventure to be had, too. I am including the adventure trailer because I feel as if it's really something that's illustrated better in video than it is in images. 

The adventure, I'll admit, I haven't gotten that far in. Because of the scope of the game, it progresses slowly. It's a little like other RPG MMO games in that regard, but that's also why I enjoy it. I don't want to do everything at once in this game; I want to take my time, meander around, explore that tree, dig a hole here, and generally be a real planet explorer.

Published Mar. 21st 2014

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