Dysmantle: How to Get Mana Shards

Follow our guide, if you want to know how to get mana shards in Dysmantle, including exact coordinates.

Crafting is an essential element of survival in Dysmantle, and many important items require Mana Shards for crafting, which is a very rare material that can be found only in a number of locations. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to get Mana Shards in Dysmantle, including the exact coordinates of locations containing them.

Usually, you won't find more than one or two shards at one location, but some areas do have more, so try to scout all of them. Some can be seen in Arena Obelisks, while others can be obtained from chests and quest rewards.

How to Get Mana Shards in Dysmantle

Arena Obelisks Containing Mana Shards

Among the seven available Arena Obelisks in Dysmantle only three reward you with Mana Shards after winning Wave 5. Here are their coordinates:

  • Obelisk of Winter: 349° - 354°
  • Obelisk of Summer: 739° - 610°
  • Obelisk of War: 1254° - 878°

Timed Chests Containing Mana Shards

There are only two timed chests in Dysmantle that each grant one Mana Shard at the following coordinates:

  • Capernum: 1353º - 555º (13 seconds)
  • Vulcan: 274º - 517º (32 seconds)

You can reach the first one through the mana rift at coordinates 1373º - 618º, and the second one at 234º - 521º

Buried Treasure Containing Mana Shards

Currently, there are six buried treasure locations in Dysmantle that contain mana shards at the following coordinates:

  • Polaris: 522º - 172º
  • Polaris: 484º - 177º
  • Frost Horn: 172º - 223º
  • Crown: 1027º - 451º
  • Crown: 991º - 530º
  • Vulcan: 115º - 542º

Quests Rewarding Mana Shards

You can get one mana shard after completing the "Maniac Mansion" quest at Westport: 423º - 383º.

You can get another one after completing the "Con Voyage" quest at Sunburn Desert: 782º - 779º.

There are two mana shards awaiting for you after completing the "Gembine" quest and gaining a high score at Solaris: 215º - 713º.

Lastly, there is a reward of four mana shards, if you manage to obtain the Ark Lab Key at The Ark Level 2: 863º - 252º.

Locations Containing Mana Shards

You can also find random shards at the following seven locations:

  • Hedgefield Shelter: 1286º - 685º
  • Serpent's Crossing: 1300º - 824º
  • Frore Shelter: 794º - 354º
  • Central: 832º - 443º
  • Crown: 963º - 456º
  • Crown: 872º - 475º
  • Pyramid Tomb: 961º - 731º

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Published Jan. 12th 2022

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