Fan Designs Zerg and Terran Starcraft Cards For Hearthstone

Hearthstone player, Fulla, designed his own cards based on the Zerg and Terran from Starcraft.

It seems that Blizzard concentrates a lot on the Warcraft series, spawning 3 RTS games, World of Warcraft MMO, and now, Hearthstone CCG. For myself, I'm more of a fan of Starcraft than anything, so it would be pretty damn awesome if there were more games based on the Starcraft universe, like a "World of Starcraft" MMO or some kind of CCG... 

Kotaku reports that Hearthstone player Fulla may have sparked some inspiration for a Starcraft themed CCG by creating his own Terran and Zerg themed cards. Actually, I'm a Protoss player myself, but I somehow feel that they always get shafted. (Still waiting for the Protoss campaign on Starcraft 2!)

Check out the designs for these cards from Fulla:

Zerg Cards


Terran Cards



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Published Sep. 18th 2014
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Wow looks pretty balanced too, just a matter of time before Diablo 3 comes in too? Lots of heroes to choose from there too

    Also waiting to see what he comes up with for Protoss (probably Zeratul hero?)

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